Nutrislice app to put menu and nutrition facts at parents’ and students’ fingertips


HISD Nutrition Services has partnered with Nutrislice, a mobile menus app, to digitize its menus. This move will allow parents and students to access the most updated school menus from the convenience of their mobile devices, and to obtain nutritional information on every food item offered.

In the most recent student survey conducted by Nutrition Services, 68 percent of secondary students reported that they are more likely to pay attention and respond to information provided on nutrition, health, and menu options via a phone app.

“We’ve seen a growing trend toward mobility and digital convenience,” explained Nutrition Services Senior Administrator Audene Chung. “We aim to stay relevant by offering innovative solutions to engage with our menus via a phone app. And we can reduce our carbon footprint by lowering the number of menus we print.”

The app can be downloaded at the Nutrition Services website.

Nutrition Services currently prints more than 120,000 menus a month.