Billboards and website promote district’s search for additional talented teachers


HISD’s Talent Acquisition team, in partnership with Clear Channel, has three billboards targeted toward helping recruit teachers to the district.

Anyone who’s ever been stuck in Houston traffic has probably caught themselves reading the billboards that line our city’s freeways.

HISD’s Talent Acquisition department is now taking advantage of this captive audience with three new billboards posted around town which will help with teacher recruitment. The billboards direct people to a new website, which features personal video testimonials for a variety of teacher candidate types.

“Our HISD recruitment team works diligently to source top teaching talent for our classrooms throughout the hiring season,” said Patra Brannon, general manager of Talent Acquisition. “These billboards and new website will only broaden the audience for our recruitment efforts and allow future candidates to connect with those employees who have chosen to work in our great district.”

The billboards, which were put up as a part of a partnership between HISD and ClearChannel, are located at the North Freeway at Quitman Street, Beltway 8 at Morales Street, and the North Loop at Wayne Street.

The website contains targeted information for four candidate types: new graduates, people changing careers, and bilingual and experienced teachers. There are two videos featuring current teachers talking about why they chose HISD and why they enjoy working at the district, and more are planned.

“We are excited about sharing the HISD story in a more personal way with job seekers in the Houston area,” Brannon said. “In the end, it’s our students who benefit, as we are able to recruit more effective teachers for our classrooms.”