2015 Green Schools Challenge winners announced

The 2015 Green Schools competition has concluded, and HISD’s Energy & Sustainability Department is pleased to announce the winners of the Green Schools Challenge.

Mistral Early Childhood Center, Baylor College of Medicine Academy, McGowen Elementary, Piney Point Elementary, Seguin Elementary, and Garden Oaks Elementary all placed in the contest. As part of the competition, 28 schools pledged to take energy saving actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help protect the environment for future generations. Schools also were encouraged to become a registered Eco-School through the National Wildlife Federation.

“I am very pleased with the impact made by our participating schools,” said Kellie Williams, HISD Senior Manager of Energy & Sustainability. “It’s great to see campuses incorporate sustainable values into lesson plans and become leaders in environmental stewardship.”

The goal of the Eco-Schools USA program is to make environmental awareness and action an essential part of the culture of a school by creating Eco-Action teams that includes students, teachers, administrators, non-teaching staff, parents and the community.

“We are so proud of the efforts of each of these campuses and all campuses in HISD that are working on sustainability issues,” said Mayra Fowler, senior manager of Education for the National Wildlife Federation. “Students involved in the Eco-Schools USA program are addressing real-life problems on their campus, taking on leadership roles and learning that they can make a difference in their community.”

The top three campuses to reduce the most energy per square foot overall will receive either a paint or landscape project of their choice and earn HISD Green-School status, while the top three campuses to reduce energy consumption and earn Eco-School status will receive up to $1,300 in cash prizes. Each campus will also have a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a party for its staff in celebration of being top achievers in sustainability initiatives.

Top Three Green Schools

1st Place – Mistral Early Childhood Center (29% reduction)

2nd Place – Baylor College of Medicine Academy (25% reduction)

3rd Place – McGowen ES (18% reduction)

Top Three Eco-Schools

1st Place – Piney Point ES (16% reduction)

2nd Place – Seguin ES (13% reduction)

3rd Place – Garden Oaks ES (7% reduction)