And Latin America was born!

Today, the month-long celebration to honor the histories, cultures, and contributions of Hispanics and Latinos to the U.S. comes to an end.

Over the past 30 days, we have highlighted more than 20 Spanish-speaking countries from Latin America and Europe, learning about their traditions, history, music, food, culture, and in many cases, their contributions to the world. Our schools have held a variety of events in celebration of this annual observance, including performances, music festivals, food tastings, art shows, and many other displays.

We hope you had an opportunity to experience one or more of them, to gain more knowledge about the rich diversity of Hispanic culture.

Did you know…? The reference to “Latin” America stems from the fact that the languages of many countries in the region are derived from Spanish, Portuguese, or French (considered “Romance” languages), all of which evolved from Latin.

Central America And Central America was born…
Mexico Viva Mexico! Celebrating 205 years of Independence
Argentina Argentina: Tango, Soccer, Gauchos, and more!
Chile Chile: Country of Poets
Belize Belize: Barrier reef, rainforest, Maya heritage
Bolivia Bolivia: Rich in natural resources and biodiversity
Colombia Colombia: Biodiversity, emeralds, and the greatest storyteller!
Costa Rica Costa Rica: Adventure-filled, eco-friendly, and unique!
Cuba Cuba: Turquoise beaches, ‘Son’ rhythm, and more!
El Salvador El Salvador: Land of volcanoes, coffee, and surf
Ecuador Ecuador: Rivers, nature, and bananas!
España Spain: Tapas, soccer, and flamenco
Guatemala Guatemala: Mayan heritage, archeology, and crafts
Honduras Honduras: Mountains, a biosphere reserve, and culture
Nicaragua Nicaragua: Land of lakes, volcanoes, and poets
Panamá Panama: Culture, skyline, and the crossroads of the world
Paraguay Paraguay: Guaraní culture and hydroelectric resources
Perú Peru: Ancient cultures, colonial architecture, and a multiethnic melting pot
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico: Baseball, blue flag beaches, and forts
República Dominicana Dominican Republic: Where it all started!
Uruguay Uruguay: Natural beauty, music, and high-tech farming
Venezuela Venezuela: Joropo, oil, and the world’s highest waterfall