Workshop focuses on opportunities within HISD building program

HISD General Manager of Construction Derrick Sanders was the featured speaker at this month’s Workshop Wednesday, where he gave an overview of the district’s bond program and discussed the process for bidding on bond work.

“HISD needs active bid participation – I can’t stress that enough,” Sanders said. “We have a ton of work coming down the pike.”


HISD General Manager of Construction Derrick Sanders

Through HISD’s $1.89 billion bond program, the district is rebuilding or renovating 40 schools plus several athletics facilities. Active construction is currently underway on 15 of these projects, and the bulk of the remaining projects are expected to be bid in 2016.

More information on HISD Bond Program

Sanders encouraged the attendees to participate in pre-bid meetings and network with contractors and architects that have already been contracted. He also discussed the district’s commitment to M/WBE (minority- and women-owned business enterprise) participation.

“I’ve never seen an organization put as much into their M/WBE program as HISD,” Sanders said. “Our contractors and CMARs (construction managers at risk) make it their business to reach out to M/WBEs.”

HISD consistently exceeds its M/WBE participation goals, which are:

  • Purchasing – 20% M/WBE goal for contracts over $50,000
  • Professional Services – 25% M/WBE goal for contracts over $50,000
  • Construction – 20% M/WBE goal for contracts over $50,000

More information of HISD’s Supplier Diversity Program

HISD’s Business Assistance Supplier Diversity department hosts Workshop Wednesday, which is held on the first Wednesday of each month. Topics covered vary and are targeted to provide relevant information and assistance to M/WBEs interested in doing business with the district.

The business assistance department also hosts a variety of networking and educational events throughout the year to assist minority-owned companies who are interested in growing their businesses.

For more information on upcoming workshops, pre-bid meetings, and other networking opportunities, contact the Business Assistance Supplier Diversity office at 713-556-7273.