College Readiness recommends tool that can help students master School Day SAT

HISD’s College Readiness department wants every 11th-grade student to know that practicing and doing well on the School Day SAT could pay off in extra incentives, including scholarships and materials for college.

The department launched the School Day Incentive program for the Class of 2017 on Wednesday, kicking off the countdown to the School Day SAT on April 12. The purpose of the program is to increase student participation and scores for the School Day SAT, thereby increasing student access to higher education and money for college.

“To accomplish these goals, 11th-graders need to practice on the Khan Academy website daily,”2016 FlierYoukhanscholarship
said Jennifer Ertel, HISD College Readiness Department Senior Manager. “We need 11th-graders and their families educated about the opportunities that are created by high SAT scores. More college choices [mean] more institutional merit money.”
There are two ways for students to get incentives through the School Day Incentive program: both individually and as a group. As a part of both contests, students must practice on the daily.

Any HISD 11th-grader who earns 50,000 or more energy points on their Khan Academy SAT practice account can apply for the You Khan Do It scholarship. By applying by April 1, HISD students can win a $500 scholarship.

Apply now for the You Khan Do It scholarship

The Class of 2017 at each high school campus can create their very own Best School Day SAT Campaign Ever by working as a group and submitting the application by March 23. The campus with the best campaign will win $1,000 for college bound materials or activities. The second place campaign will win $500, and third place will receive $250 dollars.

Apply now for the Best School Day SAT Campaign Ever2016 FlierBestSATCampaign

“Let’s get kids excited about practicing and doing well on the School Day SAT,” Ertel said. “Together we can make this the best school day SAT ever.”

For more information about the School Day SAT, please
call 713-967-5231 or email