Campuses urged to take HISD’s Earth Month Pledge for 2016

HISD’s Energy and Sustainability department is encouraging campuses to take the Earth Month Pledge in April to raise awareness about the environment and to promote sustainable actions that reduce campus “footprints.”

During Earth Month, campuses are encouraged to commit to at least three activities to raise awareness and educate the community on the human impact on the environment.

“The goal of Earth Month is to create a culture of environmental stewardship,” said HISD Energy and Sustainability Manager Kellie Williams. “We want to connect our students and staff with Houston’s environmental community to promote an exchange of ideas that empower learners to make sustainable decisions.”

Learn more about taking the Earth Month 2016 Pledge

Each participating campus will select from a menu of Earth Month activities that fit into three categories: campus, community, and connection. Each category will be worth points based on the level of effort involved. Every school that completes at least one activity from each category will receive a Certificate of Recognition for participating in the program.

In addition, the Energy and Sustainability department will award a Texas-themed garden of native plants to the school accumulating the most points. In case of a tie, reduction in electricity for the month of April will be used as a tiebreaker, so Williams encourages campuses to conserve energy by turning out lights, shutting off the computers, and closing doors and windows.

For more information, visit or email, and complete and submit the Earth Month Pledge by March 25. Complete activity forms and instructions also will be available on the website no later than March 25.