On SAT School Day, juniors can take test for free during school hours

Thousands of HISD high school juniors will have the opportunity to take the SAT college admissions test during normal school hours, free of charge, on Tuesday, April 12 during SAT School Day.

SAT School Day takes place in both the fall and spring, offering students the chance to experience firsthand what it’s like to take the SAT in the familiar surroundings of their own school, thus reducing test anxiety.

“It is vitally important for students to take the school day SAT and do well. This can change a student’s entire trajectory in life,” said Jennifer Ertel, senior manager for College Readiness. “High SAT scores can open up a world of opportunities, including access to top-tier selective universities and thousands of dollars in merit money and presidential scholarships.”

Since 2007, the number of HISD students taking the SAT has doubled, as has the number of college-ready scores. There also has been a 24% increase in the number of students sending SAT scores to colleges.

Providing students with the opportunity to take the SAT and waiving the typical $50+ test fee ensures that students who might otherwise face challenges in participating in standard weekend testing — such as part-time jobs, family responsibilities, or financial barriers — do not miss out on a chance to take the test. It also opens doors for first-generation college-bound students who may have otherwise given up hope of affording the chance.

For more information on SAT School Day or other college-related matters in HISD, please visit the College Readiness webpage or call the College Readiness Office at 713-967-5231