Kashmere HS drum major the face of new Metro ad campaign

Zackery Johnson, drum major for Kashmere High School, takes METRO to school every day, and his dream is to one day be part of the famed Texas Southern University’s Ocean of Soul Marching Band.

But you may already know all of this if you’ve seen or heard the latest ad for Metro on TV or on the radio. The ad, part of Metro’s “This is My Metro” campaign, features Zack on the bus and performing on the field.

“(Zack) is amazing and can always bring a smile to my face,” said Kashmere High School Principal Nancy Blackwell. “Zack works hard to promote the band, and he has specific plans for his future. I love having him at Kashmere High School.”

According Metro’s website, “We have invited real customers to talk about their experiences riding our system and tell why they do it and how it’s changed their lives.”