Ortiz Middle School students raise money for woman in need of prosthetic leg

Students raise hundreds of dollars to help others

Ortiz Middle School students raised more than $600 for LIMBS International, an organization that provides prosthetic legs to those in developing countries.

This is the second year in a row Ortiz students have raised money for the organization. The funds were raised through donations, school dance ticket sales and sock sales. The money raised will be used to provide a Bolivian woman with a prosthetic leg. She lost her leg after stepping on glass, which lead to a severe infection.

“This is very rewarding because I witnessed how hard our staff and students worked to raise the money to make this miracle happen,” said Ortiz Principal Samuel Dominquez.  “One of the most meaningful lessons that Ortiz students take with them to high school is having experienced the inner satisfaction of working extremely hard to help someone else. That lesson, I believe, will stay with them the rest of their lives.”

This year, LIMBS International also implemented a Socktober event in which students and staff were asked to purchase packages of decorated socks. For every package of socks sold, LIMBS donated a pair of warm socks to Ortiz for students to distribute to a local homeless shelter. Students have chosen to donate the warm socks received by LIMBS to the Star of Hope.

Members of the Ortiz National Junior Honor Society will deliver 50 pair of socks to the Star of Hope.