Texas A&M education students learning the ropes at HISD campuses 

A cohort of Texas A&M College of Education students have been visiting HISD campuses since Tuesday, learning more about the district and getting hands-on experience working in classrooms.

A total of 250 students are spending an entire day learning the ropes at more than a dozen campuses, an experience that could lead them to careers in HISD.

“This is a great opportunity for the students and a huge boon to the district,” said Jeff McCanna, HISD officer of human capital. “The students are getting practical experience, hands on training, and knowledge about HISD, and the district is getting the opportunity to showcase exemplary instructional practices and sell itself to a group of well-rounded, capable new teachers who will hopefully come join us at Team HISD.”

Campuses participating in the cohort are Coop Elementary, Farias ECC, Red Elementary, Meyerland Middle, Cornelius Elementary, Stevenson Middle, Oak Forest Elementary, Black Middle, Sylvan Rodriguez Elementary, Pin Oak Middle, Kennedy Elementary, Burbank Middle, Memorial Elementary, and Tanglewood Middle.