Teach Forward Houston selects new cohort of fellows

Just as the initial group of Teach Forward Houston fellows successfully finished its first year at University of Houston, the HISD Board of Education approved a second group at its June 8 board meeting.

A new group of graduating HISD seniors are just now being notified of their acceptance into the program. The second cohort is a strong group and includes salutatorians from Liberty and Worthing high schools. They will attend a Summer Bridge program at UH in late July. Their names and high schools are listed below.

Teach Forward Houston is a partnership between HISD and the University of Houston in which district graduates enroll in a teacher preparation program with $20,000 in free tuition over four years. In return, the students pledge to teach in HISD for four years after graduation. The program is specifically designed to equip teachers with the skills they need to be successful in large diverse urban school districts like HISD. In addition, students receive additional professional development and internship opportunities, as well as coaching and mentoring throughout the fellowship.

Many of the first cohort of students are acting as tutors this summer at Holland Middle School. TFH Fellow Laura Martinez is returning to Westbury for her summer internship, thanks to an ongoing relationship with campus leaders.

Key academic highlights regarding the current 51 TFH Fellows include 13 making Dean’s List in the fall semester and 12 in the spring semester. Fellows are expected to complete 30 credit hours by the end of the summer, and so far they have completed 1,324 credit hours. All but a handful have scored a GPA of between 2.5 and 4.0.

Student Name HISD Campus
Victor Hernandez Austin High School
Alex Machuca Austin High School
Llesenia Rodriguez Austin High School
Flor Roman Austin High School
Sheyla Castelan Bellaire High School
Virginia Sanchez Bellaire High School
Fiona Yeung Bellaire High School
Maiya Archie Carnegie Vanguard High School
Lizeth Benitez Chavez High School
Dayana Salas Chavez High School
Kellie Rovira DeBakey High School for Health Professions
Nicole Tello Eastwood Academy
Jainny Leos Furr High School
Zarymar Aleman Heights High School
Carmen Bernal Heights High School
Pamela Mandujano Heights High School
Pamela Nunez Heights High School
Christian Chavez Houston Academy for Intl Stud
Belen Rivas Houston Academy for Intl Stud
Maria Casas Sam Houston MST
Karen Garza Sam Houston MST
Esther Lacayo Sam Houston MST
Johana Reyes Sam Houston MST
Christian Flores HSPVA
Brenda Sanchez Jordan High School
Michelle Lugo Lamar High School
Mardia Idris Liberty High School
Azka Ahmed Jane Long Academy
Jose Medina Madison High School
Erica Castillo Milby High School
Anallely Guerrero Milby High School
Eduardo Martinez Milby High School
Jennifer Morales Northside High School
Jacqueline Torrez Northside High School
Gilbert Garza Sharpstown High School
Giselle Arambula Washington High School
Crystal Hernandez Wheatley High School
Gabriela Torres Wisdom High School
Esmeralda Trejo Worthing High School
Mary Lowe Yates High School