Support staff honored at appreciation luncheons across district  

Superintendent Carranza stops by Transportation luncheon 

It’s the season of thanksgiving, and the aroma of hickory smoke wasn’t the only thing that filled the air at the Northwest Motor Pool facility at their fall luncheon on Nov. 16.

Thanks to Chief Operating Officer Brian Busby, Transportation employees were treated to lunch and given a heartfelt thanks for their hard work in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Over the last two weeks, “thank you” luncheons have been held across the district for members of Team HISD who work in Facilities Services, Construction Services, Nutrition Services, the Police Department, and Transportation.

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“I can’t take credit for this event as the Transportation managers always ensure their team is taken care of during this time of the year,” Busby said.

The luncheon, one of four held this week at HISD motor pool facilities, featured a special guest appearance from Superintendent Richard Carranza, who went around to welcome and thank each employee in attendance.

“It was nice to have the superintendent come out and greet the Transportation department,” said HESP Union President Wretha Thomas. “It’s good when the employees are able to put a face to a name. It’s confirmation that they have support from the central office.”

Superintendent Carranza informed the group of their expected salary increases, recently approved by the board, and improved job conditions in the near future.

He also delivered a heartfelt message expressing his deepest appreciation to HISD’s numerous support staff members for their continued dedication throughout the school year and during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

“I want to give you two words that you don’t get to hear often, ‘Thank you,’ Carranza said. “You are a part of the recovery, and when you keep doing right by the district, we will do right by you.”

The final luncheon will be held Nov. 17 at the Central Motor Pool.

“We aren’t always able to thank our supportive staff financially,” Busby said. “It is my hope that by having these luncheons, our employees feel appreciated and understand that without them we wouldn’t be as successful in our day-to-day operations.”