HISD celebrating Earth Day throughout April 

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The Houston Independent School District’s Energy and Sustainability Department is celebrating Earth Day throughout the month of April.

All HISD campuses are invited to participate in the department’s “Earth Month” campaign, which aims to raise awareness and educate the community about the impact humans have on the environment and promote sustainable actions that help schools reduce their carbon footprints.

“We are looking forward to the students, staff, parents, and community participating in fun-filled educational events that will allow us to look at our behavior and how sustainable we are,” HISD Facilities Services Officer Alisha Jolivette said. “It is our hope that we will all participate in recycling opportunities and carry out sustainable initiatives.” 

The energy and sustainability department is encouraging all campuses to take the Earth Month Pledge and participate in the campaign’s activities, which allow students and staff to connect with Houston’s environmental community and exchange ideas about making sustainable, eco-friendly choices.

Earth Month activities fall under one of two categories — Campus and Community — and are each worth a designated amount of points. Points are tallied at the end of the competition. The school with the most points is eligible to win a grand prize — a sustainable outdoor classroom and accompanying curriculum.

“Sign the Earth Month Pledge, participate in all of the activities throughout the month, track your participation, and record the completion through photos and written documentation,” Jolivette said. “The campus with the most participation points wins the Earth Month grand prize, which is wonderful.”

Schools have 14 different campus and community events in which to participate in, ranging from “How Eco-Friendly Is Your Campus?” worth five points per person, to “Walk/Bike/Scoot/Carpool to School Day” worth 25 points per person, to “What Earth Day Means to Me,” and a student writing or drawing assignment worth 15 points per person.

Jolivette encouraged campuses to take the Earth Month Pledge and then help kick off the month-long celebration with a community bike ride through Buffalo Bayou Park at 10 a.m. on April 7. Riders should meet at 105 Sabine St. and must be 18 years or older to participate.

“Join us as we work to continue to conserve energy and protect our environment and as we #GoBlue on Earth Day and #GoGreen throughout the year,” Jolivette said.

For more information, visit HoustonISD.org/GoGreen or email Sustainability@HoustonISD.org. Complete and submit the Earth Month Pledge, beginning April 2.