New ‘Legislative Center’ encourages community engagement in lawmaking process

HISD has launched a new online hub for all legislative information to educate the community and encourage participation in the lawmaking process.  The Legislative Center is a unique tool designed to expand the community’s access to state lawmakers and facilitate communication between Houstonians and key decisionmakers in Austin.

“Consistently engaging with our elected legislative delegation and other lawmakers across Texas is absolutely critical,” said HISD Trustee Sue Deigaard.  “The Texas Legislature has another opportunity to enact long-term solutions to the state’s school finance system when it meets for the next legislative session at the Texas Capitol in 2019. Now is the time to reach out and build relationships with lawmakers to work toward improving school finance and education policy.  Although the Legislature is not currently in session, several proposed laws are already in the process of being developed.”

The 86th Texas Legislature convenes for its 140-day regular session on January 8, 2019.

You can visit the HISD Legislative Center at