Organization identifies HISD as leader in dyslexia intervention  

HISD is leading the way on how dyslexia is identified and addressed at the district and school levels, according to a recent report released by the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB).

In April 2018, SREB spent time with the HISD Dyslexia Program Support Services Office and asked them to share their experiences regarding changing dyslexia practices. According to the report, through leadership dyslexia training with Neuhaus Education Center (NEC) — a nonprofit organization devoted to evidence-based training and support for reading — at the district and school levels, HISD can readily determine if a student is dyslexic and then quickly provide early intervention.

“Houston ISD chose to work with Houston-based NEC to train regional and campus-based dyslexia specialists and interventionists,” the report states. “Some elementary schools in the district also work more directly with Neuhaus to try to prevent reading difficulties early by training classroom teachers to incorporate structured language teaching into their daily reading instruction.” 

HISD students are screened in reading three times a year using a universal screener, which aids the identification of students not meeting set benchmarks. According to the report, these students will be provided additional instructional support and/or are referred for an evaluation by a district dyslexia specialist.

“Students who are identified as dyslexic receive intensive intervention instruction from the campus-based dyslexia interventionist using Neuhaus’ Basic Language Skills program,” the report said.

You can read the report in its entirety here. For more information on HISD dyslexia programs and services, visit