Principals at Achieve 180 campuses receive district recognitions

While the district prepares for Spring Break, campuses and leadership in the Achieve 180 program are taking a moment to celebrate their academic and leadership achievements for the month of March. 

Earlier this month, the district announced Principal Khalilah Campbell-Rhone of Worthing High School as HISD’s 2018-2019 Secondary Principal of the Year

The Secondary Principal of the Year kicked off the school year learning that her campus was removed from the Improvement Required list—a notable accomplishment in just one year as principal at the campus.  

As surprises continued to roll in for the group, Principal Alicia Gobert-Lewis of Blackshear Elementary and first-year Principal Shani Wyllie of Attucks Middle School were recognized as the Elementary and Secondary Excellence in Leadership award recipients, respectively. 

The monthly award given to principals at the district’s Principals Meeting among peers recognizes those that have made exemplary strides at their campuses.  

Under Principal Lewis’ leadership, Blackshear, a former Improvement Requirement campus, met state standards last school year with two distinctions and recently became a recipient of the Northern Third Ward Neighborhood Implementation project, where Wells Fargo will provide the campus with volunteers and financial assistance. 

Principal Shani Wyllie’s ability to truly analyze and focus on the data at her campus has resulted in the campus’ snapshot score reflecting growth in all content areas with an increased number of students at “meet” or “master” level. 

The district also recognized the following Area Principals and Assistant Principals of the Year, as well as Area First-Year Principals and Assistant Principals of the Year at the monthly meeting: Kasey Bailey, Lawson Middle School; Latreia Woodard, Foerster Elementary School; Ashley Jenkins, Forest Brook Middle School; T.J. Cotter, North Forest High School; and Jorge Ortiz, Pugh Elementary. 

During the group’s breakout session after the Principals Meeting, Area Superintendent Felicia Adams celebrated campuses that were either approaching, meeting or outperforming the district’s average in math and literacy—a good sign for campus leaders, students and the district prior to STAAR. 

Though district leadership anticipates a strong finish for many of the Achieve 180 campuses, the spring celebrations indicate possible academic turnarounds in the near future.