HISD students to compete for scholarships during third annual Together with Tech contest

More than 250 high school students will present technology-based projects they have developed throughout the school year at HISD’s third annual Together with Tech Student Conference this weekend. 

Teams will compete by presenting the project to a panel of judges from companies such as Baker Hughes, ExxonMobil and Code Park Houston. 

The students’ projects must offer a tech-based solution to a defined problem for the communication, transportation, and justice fields. Products presented to the judges must fall into one of the following categories: mobile/web app, multimedia production or working model/prototype.

The top team in each category will receive $1,300 in scholarship money. 

The conference will also feature an expo where non-competing teams will showcase their projects, as well as interactive activities for attendees.

Students of all ages are invited to participate in activities that include a Learning.com Tech Playground, Adobe Spark Photo Booth and a STEM Hacking Workshop hosted by Microsoft. 

The competition and awards ceremony will be live streamed on HISD’s Instructional Technology YouTube channel starting at 8 a.m., Saturday, April 6.