HISD campuses celebrate Nutrition Services staff with 7th Annual School Lunch Hero Day

Cheers echoed down the hall as Bruce Elementary School students and staff gathered Friday in Room 137 to surprise their beloved cafeteria staff with an ice cream bar and certificates of appreciation.  

The party was held in honor of School Lunch Hero Day, a nationwide celebration that honors school nutrition professionals for the valuable work they do each day. The annual celebration stems from author Jarrett Krosoczka’s Lunch Lady, a graphic novel series featuring a crime-fighting Lunch Lady whose mission is to serve up justice while serving up lunch.

“Thank you, cafeteria workers!” the group hollered as the cafeteria staff entered the room, which was decked out in brightly colored streamers and balloons.

“They truly work hard,” Bruce Principal Dr. Shawn Nickerson said, noting the crew’s dedication to students and staff. “They always do anything we ask them, so we wanted to make sure we celebrated them today.”

Schools districtwide showed their appreciation to their cafeteria staff by creating thank you cards and banners, providing specials meals and delivering floral arrangements.

Bruce Elementary School Team Lead Alma Ruiz said it’s always nice to been seen and appreciated for the hard work the department does.

“When the team found out they were going to be recognized they were excited,” said Ruiz, who has been with the department for 13 years. “I love everything about my job, which is why I’m here.”