TXRX Labs unveils makerspace for Eastwood Academy students

The students of Eastwood Academy got the reveal they’ve been waiting for on Wednesday when they celebrated the unveiling of their very own makerspace, thanks to community partner TXRX Labs. 

Thanks to the long-awaited community project, students will no longer have to trek off-campus after school hours to complete their innovative projects such as motorized bicycles and 3D equipment. Instead, they’ll have everything they need for such projects right at their fingertips.  

“We are excited for this workspace where students will be able to create and innovate to bring all of their ideas to life,” Principal Brandi Lira said. “By having the makerspace on our campus, we can open our doors to feeder patters on the East End where we can create other innovators within the community.”  

With a strong emphasis in bringing creativity and innovation to the students in the East End, the makerspace will feature 3D printers, laser cutters, power and manual tools, and industrial sewing machines. 

“I have been watching the students for several years remain dedicated to creating some of the most futuristic things,” said Joseph Miller, TXRX Labs education director. “There’s nothing better than combing the use of technology and an interactive-hands on experience. However, in order for a makerspace to be successful, there needs to be a strong support system in place—and that’s here at Eastwood.” 

Principal Lira hopes that additional programs during the summer will entice children of all ages in the surrounding community to visit Eastwood Academy and its newest addition.