Northside HS teacher transforms academic outcomes through Rice University program

Northside High School Teacher Andrea Davis saw a window of opportunity when she learned about Project Equip, a pilot program offered by Rice University scientists and educators that is supported by the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies.  

Thanks to HISD and the Advance Placement office, Davis along with 17 other teachers was selected to attend a three-day workshop last winter to learn about OpenStax Tutor, an interactive learning platform that uses machine learning to adapt to the needs of individual students.  

As part of Project Equip, the AP biology teacher is provided real-time data, which allows her to identify areas of opportunity for students and close achievement gaps at a faster capacity than most teachers across the district.  

Project Equip was launched by Rice’s Houston Education Research Consortium (HERC), a program that leverages sociology and data analysis to provide research-driven insights directly to decision makers, all aimed at creating a level playing field for disadvantaged students.  

To learn more about Project Equip and Davis’ efforts, click here