Nurses of the Month named at School at St. George Place, Jane Long Academy

It’s not easy surprising a school nurse.

As Human Resources snuck into the back entrance of the School at St. George Place, Nurse Hsueh Beveridge was working on her morning tasks near the front entrance. They had to be careful not to spoil the surprise of Nurse Beveridge being named the March Secondary Nurse of the Month.

As she entered the school cafeteria expecting a medical issue, Beveridge was surprised to find HR waiting along with several teachers, the school principal, and one special guest—her husband.

“I’m very honored,” Beveridge said. “And overwhelmed!”

On top of her nurse duties, Beveridge also leads the school’s Health and Wellness Committee and leads professional development sessions several times a year on health and safety.

“[She] is caring, principled, and relentless in her support of our students and faculty,” Principal Sean McClish said. “She has been unbelievable in communicating and advising families, faculty and staff with regards to COVID 19, ensuring that [everyone is] educated, comfortable and safe.”

For her part, Beveridge thinks every school nurse deserves recognition.

“I couldn’t believe it. I’m not the only one deserving this. It’s really been very, very hard for all of us,” she said. “I know all my colleagues, the other school nurses, also work as hard as I do. I feel very fortunate to be honored and recognized.”

At Jane Long Academy, Nurse Dori Brasher has certainly stepped up—serving as school nurse there and at the adjoining Las Americas Newcomer School, which educates recent immigrant and refugee students who have no or very limited English language proficiency.

As Principal Marie Moreno puts it, Brasher helps students beyond their immediate medical needs, providing extra resources whether its shoes or clothes, gift cards, or finding nearby clinics that serve students without insurance.

“She does amazing work. She not only takes care of Long Academy, but she also takes care of Las Americas,” Moreno said. “She is inspirational. She is supportive. She goes above and beyond.”

A former pediatric hospital nurse, Brasher wanted to work in a school so she could help students long-term and see them grow.

“This is my eighth year here. I hope to retire from here,” Brasher said. “This is where I love to be.”