Host an International Exchange Student

HISD Abroad – a global education initiative in HISD – is inviting teachers, parents, staff, and HISD community members to join the HISD global family and host an international exchange student this fall.

Register for a virtual information session hosted by AFS-USA and HISD. There are two opportunities to attend and learn more:

  • Tuesday, Sept. 21 at 6 p.m.
  • Thursday, Sept.23 at noon

More than 25 students around the world are prepared to start their international exchange experience this semester – and they want to study in HISD. AFS-USA is collaborating with HISD Abroad to connect these students with local families. Interested families are encouraged to start an application right away to host a student this fall or in the future. 

“For anybody who might be interested in hosting, it’s a great opportunity to learn about people and a culture firsthand,” said AFS host parent Sheri Belton-Gonzalez. “It’s also an opportunity to give your own children a sense of the world. It helps to understand that differences aren’t a bad thing- they add to the greatness we all have. It’s not taking anything away from anybody; it’s additive. If you’re thinking about it, just go for it.”

Hosting an exchange student has many benefits for the HISD community: 

  • Bilingual and dual language students can have their very own language partner at home. 
  • HISD students expand and diversify their peer networks. 
  • Families develop a connection that lasts a lifetime.
  • HISD students and families experience a new culture and new perspectives together.
  • Increased economic activity in zoned communities. 

“Every connection matters,” said HISD Abroad Senior Manager Kian Zare. “How, where and why you make those connections determine their future value. We want every HISD school to be an incubator of global connections and ideas for our students and local communities.”

Don’t forget to register for one of our upcoming information sessions on Tuesday, Sept. 21 at 6 p.m. or Thursday, Sept.23 at noon.