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Get to know the HISD Office of Talent Teacher Appreciation Award winner from Oates ES

The HISD Office of Talent presented Oates Elementary School’s Neftaly Gonzalez with its Teacher Appreciation Award.

It was quite the surprise for the third grade bilingual teacher who thought the cameras were just there to observe the class.

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HISD announces selection of Chief Engagement Officer

Houston ISD announced the selection of its Chief Engagement Officer, Max Moll.

Moll will lead a department that includes communications, board services, family and community engagement, government relations, and community partnerships, along with HISD’s Parent Center.

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Get to know Woodson’s Teacher Appreciation Award winner

Woodson Leadership Academy principal Gina Wilkins joked that Pre-K teacher Perchanda Utley should re-sign her contract early- like right there on the spot. Utley is the latest Office of Talent Teacher Appreciation award winner. After Wilkins joked Utley needed to put pen to paper immediately, she praised her for being a “master” teacher. Utley has spent her entire teaching career at HISD. Get to know more about her below:

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HISD students compete in annual MLK Oratory finals to honor Dr. King’s legacy

HISD  fourth-grader Ronnie Williams of Law Elementary School won the Foley & Lardner LLP 26th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Oratory Competition.

The competition invites local students to present original 3-to-5 minute speeches addressing the topic “How would Dr. King assess our progress in achieving his vision for America?”

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HISD campuses, offices to close Jan. 17-18

As scheduled, there will be no classes for students Monday, Jan. 17 in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Tuesday, Jan. 18.

All campuses and offices will be closed Tuesday, Jan. 18 for an Attendance Mitigation Day, and staff should not report to work unless requested by a supervisor. Again, all campuses and offices will be closed on Tuesday, Jan. 18, and staff should not report to work unless requested by a supervisor.   

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Thinkery rooms offer students more than just a chance to relax

Many HISD campuses are utilizing brightly decorated “Thinkery rooms” that offer a calming period to reduce anxiety and allow students to create their unique plan of action utilizing the various areas in the room.

The Thinkery rooms are a product of a Social Emotional Learning initiative to be more proactive with mental health. HISD currently has 40 campuses with Thinkery rooms. According to Executive Director, Counseling and Compliance Glenda Calloway, the SEL department is developing a mobile Thinkery room to launch in late spring.  The rooms usually have a theme painted on the walls, comfortable furniture, and plenty of activities to keep students busy.

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School Board Recognition Month begins with HISD swearing in new, re-elected trustees

HISD swore in its two newest board members—Kendall Baker(District VI) and Bridget Wade (District VII) and its re-elected members in Elizabeth Santos (District I), Sue Deigaard (District V), and Myrna Guidry (District IX) —during School Board Recognition Month.

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Superintendent House visits COVID-19 testing sites to promote safety

Superintendent Millard House visited Sam Houston Math Science and Technology Center on the first day of testing on HISD campuses as part of an ongoing effort to promote COVID-19 onsite testing for students and staff.

Sam Houston MSTC is one of many HISD campuses offering on-campus testing. Information regarding onsite testing can be found here. The testing program is completely voluntary and requires a student’s parent/guardian to first provide a one-time consent by completing a digital consent form available at HoustonISD.org/HealthAlerts.  

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