Nutrition Services celebrates National School Lunch Week

The Houston Independent School District takes pride in ensuring our students are served a well-balanced lunch to help fuel their learning, and we’re recognizing the importance of those efforts during National School Lunch Week, which begins Oct. 11.

This year’s theme is “Feed Your Creativity with a Healthy School Lunch.” As part of the weeklong celebration, all HISD schools will have the opportunity to participate in special themed dress up days to celebrate. Each theme day ties into our mission of providing students with good food.  Students and staff to dress up and eat a healthy school lunch from the cafeteria each day.

Monday – Chef

Chefs and kitchen staff use their creativity to inspire school menus. Wear your favorite chef-inspired attire, including aprons or chef’s coats. Be sure to tell your cafeteria staff thank you when you pick up breakfast and lunch.

Tuesday – Artist

Did you know you can use the rainbow of colors in vegetables to inspire your next art project? Show off your artistic side by wearing the color of your favorite vegetable – green broccoli, orange carrots, or yellow corn.

Wednesday – Video Game Designer/Coder

Coders use their creativity to build video games and apps. Your body uses proteins to build muscles. You can build both if you feed your creativity and wear an outfit inspired by your favorite video game.

Thursday – Writer

Milk provides your body with the calcium your body needs to ensure you have strong bones. Without strong bones, authors wouldn’t be able to write down all their creative stories. Feed your creativity by dressing up as a character from one of your favorite stories.

Friday – Dancer

Dancers need strong muscles to perform their dance moves, and those muscles are built and repaired with vitamin C. Dress up as your favorite type of dancer.

“Our role in supporting our students is crucial,” Nutrition Services Officer Betti Wiggins said.” By providing healthy food, we can fuel our students learning and future success.”