Superintendent House charts a brighter future for HISD

“Hope” and “faith” were words shared by a community member during one of the 16 Listen & Learn town halls used to describe her vision of the district’s future.

The future of HISD is currently being mapped out after feedback from students, parents, teachers, and community members, as well as input from elected officials, partners, and area leaders.

Superintendent Millard House, who has reached 100 days as the leader of the largest school district in Texas, said he’s spent his whole life preparing for this challenge.

“My career has prepared me to lead this community right now during these very challenging times, but I see these challenges as opportunities,” House said.

House is ready to get to work on addressing the cares, concerns, and needs that have surfaced during numerous outreach events and Listen & Learn town hall meetings.

“HISD certainly has the potential to unlock these opportunities,” House said. “The district has not yet lived up to its expectations of providing an excellent and equitable education to all students, but right now is the time for bold change and recommitment. I’m passionate about leading this charge, so that students from every zip code can thrive in a future with limitless opportunities.”

House, who has led multiple school districts through his 25 years of experience in education, has reiterated his priorities of ensuring all district campuses are supported and held to high standards, special needs populations are effectively served, and lead with accountability, and integrity.

Looking ahead, HISD aims to work toward an equitable future for all students with the best teachers, resources, facilities, and support. The superintendent’s priorities are to cultivate world-class talent on all levels on all campuses, provide equitable resources at EVERY school, promote high-quality teaching through rigorous curriculum and instruction, ensure great schools in every community by taking bold actions at our underperforming schools, and deliver effective services and support to students with exceptional needs.

As HISD develops a full strategic path, the district wants to hear from you. Take a moment to fill out the following survey (Dec.10 is deadline). For a preview of what is to come, access the following report.

Along the way, House has heard the suggestions, concerns, fist-bumped 100s of people, and saw many of the faces that make up the various communities withing HISD. As the words “hope,” and “faith” were heard during community events, another word was stressed by House- the word “our,” because to chart a brighter future it will take everyone working together.