Superintendent House joins effort with ‘No Trafficking Zone’ law announcement prioritizing safety

Superintendent Millard House has made safety a priority at HISD since coming to Houston, and that sentiment continued as House joined local law enforcement officials and state representatives to announce the “No Trafficking Zone” law.

The “No Trafficking Zone” law, which resulted from Senate Bill 1831, protects students in Texas by creating a 1,000 foot no trafficking zone around all schools. The law elevates penalties for any activity related to sex crimes against children on school campuses or at any school-related event. It provides tools and training for staff to prevent trafficking at the school level and makes available resources to children who are at risk of being exploited.

The “No Trafficking Zone” law resulted from Senate Bill 1831 with 100 percent bipartisan support in both chambers of the Texas Legislature. State Senator Larry Taylor pushed the bill forward, and HISD alum State Representative Senfronia Thompson helped with the effort.

“HISD takes its responsibility to child safety very seriously,” said Superintendent Millard House.”Schools can and should be safe places for students. That is what this new law helps us do.Of all social institutions, schools are perhaps the best positioned to identify and report suspected trafficking and connect affected students to critical services.”