‘The Talk’ event promotes positive dialogue with community, law enforcement

As part of HISD’s ongoing effort to promote positive dialogue between youth and law enforcement Navarro Middle School hosted “The Talk” event for eighth grade boys, which featured keynote speaker Marvin Richardson, the Acting Director of the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Superintendent Millard House and Harris County Precinct 2- Commissioner Adrian Garcia were also on hand.

Richardson, who has worn a badge for three decades, urged students to look to law enforcement as people who care about the community.

“I wear a badge, but I’m a lot more than this badge,” he said. “I am a person who, when you get to know me, I think you’d really like me. Why? Because I care about you.” 

Houston Police officers and Harris County Sheriff’s deputies were also in attendance to demonstrate positive interactions between officers and students.

In light of what has been happening throughout our country, it is these important conversations that help build relationships based on trust and understanding, which leads to strong partnerships between officers and students,” House said.

Events like “The Talk” are meant to continue to build trust within HISD’s communities and local law enforcement.

“It’s very important for our males, our scholars, and this community to be able to create that trust because we also need to start seeing police officers as allies,” said principal Emeterio Cruz.” People who are here to truly protect and look after us.”