BrainAbouts promotes positive decision making with HISD elementary students

Young learners can make positive choices and develop healthy brains when equipped with the right tools, knowledge, and support.

HISD community partner BrainAbouts hosted a presentation at Harvard Elementary School on Thursday, Jan. 26, to educate students on the importance of making positive choices.

Students engaged in educational games, received prizes, and were entertained with a magic show led by surprise special guest Newton, Houston’s brainiest dragon!

“Having a program that is engaging but also educational and informative is great, and our community has really brought into it,” said Principal Shelby Smith.

Powered by The John Fontaine Jr. Charity, BrainAbouts is the top emerging neuroscience-based high-risk behavior prevention program which strives to provide educational content and activities for students.

According to the organization, BrainAbouts has helped students, caregivers, and school staff openly address difficult topics as a team.

“BrainAbouts is a program centered around making sure our community is making positive choices throughout their tenure and journey in becoming adults,” said Kemonta Jackson, BrainAbouts Director of Program Implementation. “We want to make sure we’re targeting youth from elementary to high school so as they face many different opportunities to make positive choices, we’re empowering their brain to grow and develop and continue to excel from an academic and personal standpoint.”

After the magic show, Newton revealed himself as NBA mascot Hall of Famer Robert Boudwin (also known as the Houston Rockets’ original Clutch the Bear) before opening the floor to a Q&A session. 

To close out the presentation, students eagerly lined up outside for a chance to walk through a massive model of a “mega brain” to learn more about the function of the brain before receiving their very own BrainAbouts souvenir to take home.

“It’s really empowering for our students to be able to learn about their brain and the decisions they make,” said Smith. “It ties into their social and emotional learning and decision making as well as their academics, too.”

Harvard Elementary School is one out of 40 schools piloting the BrainAbouts program. Learn more about Brain Abouts and its partnerships here.