HISD celebrates 100th day of school with costumes, decorations, and parades

When Principal Jose Cordova announced over the PA that it was time for the parade to begin, an earth-shaking cheer arose from the students at Memorial Elementary School on Feb. 9, the 100th day of school for HISD.

Memorial’s students range from pre-K to fifth grade, and every student hit the hallway with excitement. Some dressed as 100-year-old versions of themselves, carrying posters and wearing paper hats and costumes in celebration of 100 successful school days down.

“We celebrate the 100th day of school to commemorate and celebrate all of the hard work that our teachers, our students and our staff put in to make this year great,” said Cordova. “February is a busy time, with Black History Month and Valentine’s Day, and the 100th day of school is a time for us to celebrate.”

In addition to dressing as their centenarian selves, some students wore T-shirts decorated with 100 items such as hearts, buttons, rhinestones, and more. In one class, students made posters, including a construction paper pizza with 100 pepperonis and a skyscraper with 100 floors.

The older students lined the halls as their younger schoolmates passed, offering high fives and cheers of encouragement. The fifth graders also got in on the fun in more challenging ways.

“They did [a project on] 100 things that they’ve heard, and what the world will be like in 100 years, so they got to use their creativity,” said Juanita McCullough, fifth grade math and science dual-language teacher. McCullough’s students also participated in math lessons in which they came up with the biggest word they could, each letter equating to a dollar amount.

The 100th day of school is an opportunity for students district wide to break from routine and observe an exciting milestone. Harris Elementary School also held a 100th day of school parade, and Stevens Elementary School students dressed up as their imagined 100-year-old selves to celebrate.

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