HISD high school students host first ever TEDx Youth event

Driven by a passion to enlighten young minds about the world of business and initiate their own socially impactful ventures, two HISD high school students organized TEDx Holt St Youth on Saturday, Sept. 9, at The Ion Houston, drawing an audience of more than 100 attendees.

“This is an excellent opportunity for young entrepreneurs to immerse themselves into the world of innovation,” said DeBakey High School student Mihir Relan. “Together, we can cultivate an ecosystem that supports and connects entrepreneurs.”

Relan and Lamar High School student Ibraheem Razouki have both ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing their own nonprofits, AIM to AID and Stories Through the Ages, as well as presenting product ideas to potential investors.

Growing up in Houston, they encountered limited resources and assistance when starting their entrepreneurial journeys. “We don’t have the opportunities that teens in places in California or Austin do,” said Razouki.

Committed to making a difference in the Houston community, Relan and Razouki organized TEDx Holt St Youth, inviting speakers from Houston and across the U.S. to share their entrepreneurial experiences and offer valuable perspectives on the essence of innovation.

On the heels of the success of their inaugural event, Relan and Razouki are optimistic about the lasting effects that TEDx Holt St Youth could have in the future.

“Join the movement to transform Houston into an innovation hub and empower our next trailblazers,” said Relan.

To learn more about TEDx Holt St Youth, click here.