HISD introduces Sustainability Bookshelf to encourage conservation in everyday life

In an effort to encourage students to stay curious about the environment and learn to treat it mindfully and sustainably, HISD’s Energy and Sustainability Department has joined forces with Library Services to create an online Sustainability Bookshelf.

The Sustainability Bookshelf is the latest addition to HISD Library Services’ vast collection of online resources. It features selections of books on various subjects relating to conservation and sustainability with materials separated by grade level for quick and easy navigation. In addition to digital books, the Sustainability Bookshelf includes links to informational online catalogues like Britannica School and Gale Databases where students can find further information on subjects that pique their interest.

“Libraries exist to build connections of all kinds, connecting people to information and to each other, as well as connecting groups who might have similar purposes, missions, or goals,” said Len Bryan, HISD Library Services Coordinator. “HISD Library Services is delighted to partner with HISD Energy and Sustainability to bring this collection of resources to our students and the larger community. We always look for opportunities to collaborate with our community because we recognize that we are limited when we work alone, and collaboration brings about unlimited possibilities.”

The materials in the Sustainability Bookshelf range from instructional books for crafting with recycled materials to comic books about climate change and children’s books about the effect of plastic waste on marine life. The bookshelf was thoughtfully curated by Energy and Sustainability Analyst Stephanie Walker, who saw the idea in action at another school district and jumped at the opportunity to put a Sustainability Bookshelf together for HISD.

The bookshelf, according to Walker, is important to the Energy and Sustainability Department and HISD students as it provides access to resources, supports curriculum integration, and fosters a culture of sustainability. It also offers students the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics related to sustainability and encourages students to practice sustainability principles in their daily lives.

“Reading stimulates the imagination and encourages creativity,” said Walker. “Where knowledge grows, inspiration thrives, and the seeds of change are sown.”

Click here to access the HISD Sustainability Bookshelf. Students can login with their HISD library credentials to access materials from anywhere, even tablets and phones.

To peruse the other digital resources available through HISD’s Library Services Department, see their digital resource page.