HISD Art Car creators receive donation of vehicles, mentorship from community partners

Each year, student artists throughout HISD participate in a one-of-a-kind competition that showcases their creativity and ingratiates them in Houston’s vibrant and historical art scene. The Orange Show Art Car Festival and Parade is an annual event wherein artists work to create the most visionary and inventive decorated cars.

On Nov. 28, Westbury High School received a generous gift from Team Gillman Auto Group, one of the sponsors of the Art Car Festival and Parade, when art teacher Victoria Talkington and Principal Jerri Nixon accepted the keys to a donated car for their students to utilize in this year’s competition. Westbury, along with nine other HISD campuses, are the recipients of not only a donated vehicle, but also the mentorship of Art Car artist and former HISD art teacher Rebecca Bass.

“We are so ready to get started,” said Westbury Junior Alejandra Bazarte. “We have so many great ideas, so now that we have a car, we can make history!”

Other schools that will receive cars from Team Gillman include Red ES, Ortiz MS, Young Women’s’ College Prep Academy, Milby HS, Bellaire HS, Tanglewood MS, Sam Houston MSTC, and Madison HS. These schools are just 10 of more than 40 participating HISD campuses exhibiting their Art Car creations in the 37th annual Art Car Festival and Parade on April 13, 2024.  

HISD Secondary Fine Arts Coordinator Chandel Bonner-Hancock has seen HISD’s participation in Art Car grow yearly.

“The Art Car learning experience is a community builder for our campuses,” Bonner-Hancock said. “Tremendous creative capital is built between students, faculty, campus community, and the surrounding community when participating in Art Car.”

Team Gillman’s philanthropy is far more than just providing the mobile canvases to students with a vision. Enabling students to participate in such a rich community tradition helps to foster a collaborative environment for HISD students to explore their creativity both in school and beyond. This initiative is not just about participating in a parade; it’s about creating lasting connections within Houston’s robust artistic community.

As the countdown to April 13, begins, anticipation is high for a spectacular showcase of artistic innovation and community spirit. HISD Fine Arts, fueled by Team Gillman’s generosity, is set to make a significant mark for student artists this year and in years to come.

For more information on The Orange Show Art Car Festival and Parade, visit their website.

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