Important Notice for Private Non-Profit Schools 

Houston ISD is announcing the “Participation Process” for the 2024-2025 school year. For all Private-Nonprofit (PNP) administrators interested in participating in the ESSA federal grant programs listed below, contact the District. Contact information is listed below for questions. The “Intent to Participate Form” must be completed and submitted by the deadline date of Friday, Feb. 16, 2024. The links for all forms are listed below.

Federal Grant Population Addressed Forms 
Title I, Part A Supporting Basic Programs    Intent to Participate – TI, TII, and TIV  
Title II, Part A Supporting Effective Instruction 
Title IV, Part A Student Support and Academic Enrichment  
Title I, Part C  Education of Migratory Children    Intent to Participate – TI, Part C    
Title III, Part A – ELA and IMM English Language Acquisition and Immigrant    Intent to Participate – TIII, ELA and IMM 

The ESSA federal grants provide equitable services to students, families, educators, and school personnel to supplement current opportunities to promote academic success. Equitable services may include instructional services, instructional materials, counseling, parent and family engagement opportunities, professional development, field lessons, and more. 

For more information, administrators should contact:

Contact Person  Federal Grant   Contact Information  
Barbara Hill, HISD PNP Grant Coordinator- External Funding Title I, Part A  Email:
Phone: 713-556-6928  
Title II, Part A 
Title IV, Part A 
Irasema Gonzalez, HISD Analyst 1 – Multilingual Program Title I, Part C
Supports migrant students 
Phone: 713-556-6961 
Dr. Randal Jones, Coordinator 1 – Multilingual Education Title III, Part A – ELA and IMM
Supports students with a language other than English
Phone: 713-556-6961