HISD celebrates National School Counseling Week

National School Counseling Week is Feb. 5-9, and this year’s theme is “School Counseling: Standards-Based, Student-Focused.”

School Counselors play a vital role in the lives students. They also help families find solutions to real-life problems and point them toward additional resources that families may be unaware of in the community. This is especially true when short-term counseling can be offered in a school environment.   

Throughout the week, celebrate the tremendous impact school counselors have in helping students achieve academic success and plan for the future.

Counselors, display the following each day outside your office, on your bulletin board, and/or social media:

Monday, Feb. 5: “I use standards to develop a school counseling program that…”

Tuesday, Feb. 6: “I use ASCA Student Standards to develop interventions that…”

Wednesday, Feb. 7: “The ASCA standards I depend on the most are…”

Thursday, Feb. 8: “I am student-focused because…”

Friday, Feb. 9: “I advocate for the school counseling profession by…”

When posting to social media, please tag: @HoustonISD @TeamHISD @HISD_ACC @ASCATweets #NSCW24 #HISDCounselors

Click here for more NSCW suggested activities, downloads, and promotional materials.

Additionally, a Celebration for School Counselors will be held Feb. 9, at 12:30 p.m. in the Board Auditorium at the Hattie Mae White Educational Center, 4400 West 18th St., 77092.

For more information, visit the Counseling and Student Services Department web page.