Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program wraps up successful year of nutrition education in HISD

The USDA’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, more commonly known as FFVP, provides fresh fruit and vegetable snacks and nutrition education to elementary school students. Schools can request accompanying educational programs taught by chefs and registered dieticians with HISD Nutrition Services aim to teach students where their food comes from, what a balanced diet looks like, and how they can incorporate more fruits and vegetables into common recipes at home.

On the last day of the twice-weekly program, Sherman Elementary students enjoyed juicy watermelon chunks. The program typically ends officially in May for the academic year and will return in the fall with even more exciting learning opportunities and healthy produce to sample. 

“I love eating watermelon because it’s so sweet and yummy,” said Emily, a Sherman kindergartener, as she posed with her watermelon chunk.

Exposing children to a variety of fresh produce at a young age will shape the way they interact with food as they grow. Introducing them to wholesome options lays the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating habits as they develop their tastes and preferences. At Sherman Elementary, the FFVP has been instrumental in fostering a love for nutritious foods among its students. 

“The students get so excited every Thursday,” says Ms. Rodriguez, a second-grade teacher at Sherman Elementary. “It’s not just about providing them with a snack; it’s about teaching them the value of making healthy choices and enjoying fresh, seasonal produce.” 

HISD, the eighth-largest school district in the country, boasts the largest FFVP nationally and regularly introduces 40,000 students at 88 HISD schools to delicious fresh fruits and vegetables. The program is expanding to include 93 schools in the 2024-2025 school year, funded by grants totaling more than $2 million. 

To read more about HISD’s FFVP, visit the Nutrition Services webpage, or check out the FFVP tag on the HISD news blog. You may also contact for more information.