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HISD Connect Assistance Fairs will help parents update their child’s emergency information

HISD’s top priority is providing a safe environment for students and staff. Safety drills and training events are conducted periodically as required by Texas Education Agency code. In the event of an emergency that requires reunification of students with their parents or guardians, it is critical every student’s demographic and contact information to be updated in HISD Connect via Parent Portal.

The HISD Enrollment Team and Federal and State Compliance Division will be available to assist parents or guardians with creating an Parent Portal account or updating their child’s contact information in their existing account.

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Emergency Response Committee Gets Ready for Hurricane Season

The Houston area hasn’t been affected by a tropical storm yet this year, but HISD administrators are already fine-tuning their preparations in case one does hit the Texas coast.

Members of the Hurricane Emergency Response Committee gathered at the district’s headquarters on June 27 to take part in a tabletop preparedness exercise. The exercise was designed to let them review their current plans of action and to identify ways of improving them based on lessons learned from previous storms.

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