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‘Dogs of Character’ teach life lessons at Lockhart Elementary

“The Dogs of Character” rescue dogs recently paid a visit to Lockhart Elementary to teach 600 HISD students some important life lessons. The animals are used to “deliver messages of diversity, tolerance and self empowerment” said Dogs of Character Creative Director Joy Southard.

Click the photo below to see Lockhart students and their furry friends.

Dogs of Character to Bring Anti-Bullying Message to HISD students

What:  Dogs of Character is an anti bullying presentation taught by rescued dogs in which each dog in the cast is a working assistant in the award winning character education program, The Healing Species. Five dogs will be introduced to the Lockhart students during a school assembly and will provide them with living examples of perseverance, courage, hope and forgiveness.
Who:  The Healing Species’ Dogs of Character

When:  Thursday, April 19, 12:30p.m.

Where:  Lockhart Elementary, 3501 Southmore Boulevard