Students at East Early College HS offer touching tribute

Seniors at East Early College High School on Wednesday got a chance to thank individuals who influenced their success in school—whether that person was a parent, grandparent, teacher or fellow student. Each senior took the stage to present a rose.

Thomas Cebeda expressed his appreciation for his mother, Beatriz:
“I want to thank my mom. Mom, I love you.”

Maria Guzman recognized her father, Pablo Guzman, for his unwavering support:
“I would like to thank my dad. He has always been there for me. He always tells me whenever I am wrong, ‘Be strong. You are going to learn from this.’ He put off working and making money to see me graduate, because I am the first one. So, I am giving my rose to my dad.”

Roy Cervantes thanked his mother, Rosa Cervantes (above), and his father:
“I would like to dedicate my rose to both my parents. I got my character from dad. My mom had me at 16. I got my drive from my mom, because you know, 16 with a kid, you think you aren’t going to be anything, but she’s a registered nurse. She just bought her own house and she raised a good-looking kid.”

For Valerie Ramirez (above), one rose wasn’t enough to express her gratitude. She brought a bouquet of roses and said she wished she could have brought a rose for everyone in the room.