Davis High School celebrates a campus milestone



It was a sea of purple at Davis High School on May 29, as the class of 2012 celebrated its first ever College Decision Day. One hundred percent of the senior class has applied to a two- or four-year college, and 100 percent has been accepted. It’s a major milestone for the campus that was once labeled as a dropout factory.

“It really is something to be proud of, not only for Davis but for the whole neighborhood surrounding the school,” said senior David Paredes, who is headed to Iowa State in the fall. The Davis Class of 2012 has also set a new scholarship record for the school with more than $2.1 million being offered to students.

Joining in the celebration were U.S. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and fellow U.S. Rep. and Davis alumnus Gene Green. “There is a great history at this school and you young folks are going to make new history,” Green told the excited crowd.

Jackson Lee and Green presented a proclamation to the students, encouraging them to graduate from college no matter how difficult things get. The students also signed individual pledges.  

“It’s something that they can treasure and keep,” said Davis College Access Coordinator Laura Jeffery. “If they ever get to a point where they are thinking college is not for them, they can always look back to that certificate.”

Future Davis students from nearby Marshall Middle School were also invited to take part in the Decision Day celebration to get a glimpse of their future. The students were given purple shirts and flags to wave at the event and were welcomed by Principal Jaime Castaneda.

“This was cool,” said eighth-grader Jose Ticas as he headed back to Marshall Middle.  “It gave me a good idea of what high school is really like and how I need to start thinking about my future and what college I want to attend.”