Multilingual Programs Department Hosts ‘Job Alike’ Training for Staff

Hundreds of multilingual and bilingual educators gathered on Aug. 21 at Hartman Middle School for pre-service training that provided content-specific teachers and specialists with information regarding research-based instruction, best practices, classroom resources, and technology integration.

“It’s important for these teachers get together as a community, share with one another, and have a common goal and purpose,” said Dr. Higinia Torres-Rimbau, director of Bilingual/Dual Language Education at the University of St. Thomas. She was on hand to provide HISD teachers with insight into bilingualism, biliteracy, and biculturalism. The common goal this year is to ensure that all of HISD’s 61,000 English language learners are successful, both academically and linguistically.

Spanish, language arts, reading, bilingual, and dual-language teachers received updates on the district’s bilingual programs, newly implemented dual-language instructional approach, STAAR reading strategies, curriculum, and engaging content-specific activities. They also had an opportunity to share instructional best practices related to multilingual and bilingual education.

“I want the community to know that we have a strong program in place here,” said Dr. Altagracia Guerrero, HISD Assistant Superintendent of Multilingual Programs. “We are providing multiple resources to our bilingual teachers so that that they will be able to maximize their teaching abilities and reach every child.”

In addition to the multilingual and bilingual trainings, numerous Job-Alike trainings have been held across the district this summer. Job-Alike trainings bring together educators with similar roles at various campuses. Attendees included teachers and specialists in the following areas:

· Career and Technical Education
· Coaches
· College and Career Readiness
· Counselors/College-Access Coordinators
· Early Childhood
· Fine Arts
· Health and Physical Education
· Librarians
· Languages other than English (LOTE)
· Magnet Coordinators
· Nurses
· Psychological Services
· Special Education, Child Studies, Evaluation Specialists
· Title I Coordinators