North Forest HS Students Excited About Expanded Food Choices

When the first lunch bell rang at North Forest High School, hungry students filled the cafeteria and noticed that the walls were a little brighter and there were more food choices than last year. For the first few minutes, students walked around trying to figure out what to order.

Over the summer, HISD Food Services completely overhauled the cafeteria and menu offerings in the former North Forest ISD school. “I like how the lines are set-up with different things to choose from,” said senior Chanzce Jones. “The food tastes better than last year, and I’m glad to hear it will be different every day.” Students who were accustomed to seeing the same items daily can now choose from four dining choices developed by HISD Food Services/ARAMARK Education.

At the Green Street Deli™, students can create hot or cold deli sandwiches using fresh ingredients on whole-wheat bread choices. The Home Zone™ features traditional favorites such as corn dogs and pizza transformed into healthier choices because they are baked, not fried. “The food is delicious,” said ninth grader Ivana Mancia, who created a Panini sandwich at Green Street Deli accompanied by fresh broccoli and mixed fruit.

North Forest students wanting some extra spice can visit Tortilla, a fresh Mexican concept that offers burritos, nachos, tacos, and quesadillas made with fresh ingredients and served with homemade salsas. At Custom Bros. Grill Co.™ students create sandwiches from a variety of proteins and cheeses, cold and hot toppings, and condiments.

In July, Food Services Leadership met with North Forest students to find out what they would like to see on the menu. Last year, Food Services implemented more than 85 dining brands at high schools throughout HISD.

Food Services will celebrate the new North Forest HS cafeteria with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday, Aug. 30, attended by HISD representatives and North Forest staff and students.