Teachers Collaborating and Connecting in Record Numbers

HISD teachers across the district are collaborating and connecting in record numbers thanks to the innovative use of technology. This school year, teachers began using Edmodo, which is a free social-learning platform that allows educators to share resources, ideas, and best practices with colleagues on their campus, at other HISD schools, and with educators around the world. In just a few short months, thousands of teachers have signed up and embraced the online platform, which has resulted in HISD being named as one of the most collaborative Edmodo school districts across the nation.

This graphic illustrates the level of Edmodo connectedness at HISD. Each dot represents a teacher, and each line represents a connection between teachers.

As part of Connected Educator Month, Edmodo is honoring 10 school districts that stand out for the number of teachers they have connecting, sharing resources, teaching, and learning on Edmodo. As part of the award, HISD will receive $5,000 in application credit and one day of free professional development.

“Through the use of Edmodo, HISD is supporting and embracing a culture of collaboration as a way to build teacher capacity and improve student outcomes,” said HISD Chief Technology Officer Lenny Schad.

Through Edmodo, teachers can also set up their classes and post lesson plans, assignments, and even quizzes. Students may contact their teachers directly with questions and turn in assignments electronically. Parents can also view the site to see their child’s assignments and grades. In turn, teachers can send alerts to parents about upcoming tests, missed assignments, attendance, etc.