Community meetings to share design concepts and site plans for 2012 bond schools

Attendees will have the chance to weigh in on the design development  

The Houston Independent School District is hosting another series of community meetings for the first 17 schools slated for construction in the 2012 bond program to give participants a chance to review designs and site plans.

The meetings will be held in February, March and April for each bond school community. The goal is to present the work done so far in the design process and to share site plans and exterior drawings. For most of the schools, the meetings mark the second community gathering in a process designed to encourage collaboration and participation. The first round of community meetings was held in October and November to gather feedback on preliminary designs and concepts.

Input for those meetings has helped shape the work of the groups of teachers, staff, administrators, students and community members, known as Project Advisory Teams. The teams have been meeting at each of the 17 bond campuses to determine the specific educational needs and space requirements at their schools. In the upcoming community meetings, the architects will share site plans and exterior designs, as well as discuss proposed materials and colors.

“Our Project Advisory Teams continue to meet regularly with their architects and HISD planners to develop innovative 21st century learning environments at each of our bond campuses,” said Sue Robertson, general manager of Facilities Planning. “These next meetings will provide another opportunity for the larger school community to see the progress, as well as ask questions and offer suggestions, so we build the very best facilities for our students.”

The district has pledged to host at least three community meetings for each bond campus during the different phases of the building program, including planning, design and construction.

“We’re committed to building 21st century schools that meet the needs of our students and school communities,” said Leo Bobadilla, HISD’s chief operating officer. “These meetings are a great opportunity to learn more about the work that’s been done and to learn more about what’s ahead for each school as we get closer to construction.”

All meetings will be held from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., unless otherwise noted. In addition, Milby High School has two meeting dates. See below for the schedule:


February 24

• Booker T. Washington High School; 119 East 39th  

• Grady Middle School; 5215 San Felipe


February 25

• North Early College High School; 99 Lyerly

• Condit Elementary; 7000 South 3rd, Bellaire


February 27

• Furr High School; 520 Mercury Dr.

• Mandarin Chinese Language Immersion School; 6300 Avenue B, Bellaire


March 3

• South Early College; 1990 Airport Blvd.

• Relief Elementary; 10502 Briar Forest (Revere Middle School)


March 4

• Sharpstown High School; 7504 Bissonnet

• Worthing High School; 9215 Scott


March 6

• DeBakey High School; Hornberger Conference Center, 2151 W. Holcombe Blvd.

• Young Men’s College Prep Academy;

1701 Bringhurst (Meeting to start at 6 p.m.)


March 11

• Milby High School; 1601 Broadway

• Waltrip High School; 1900 West 34th


March 27

 • HSPVA; 4001 Stanford St.

• Lee High School; 6529 Beverly Hill St.

April 8

• Sterling High School; 11625 Martindale

• Milby High School; 1601 Broadway


Please check for any schedule changes that may occur.

3 thoughts on “Community meetings to share design concepts and site plans for 2012 bond schools

  1. Rob

    Will meetings take place at Davis or Yates? Will information about the plans for these schools be presented at these other locations?

    1. HISD Communications Post author

      Community meetings will be held for all schools in the 2012 bond program. The district has pledged to host at least three community meetings for each bond campus during the different phases of the building program: planning, design and construction. Schools in Group 1 of the program are entering their second round of meetings at this time. A schedule for Group 2, which includes Davis and Yates, has not been finalized yet. Preliminary design concepts and site plans for these schools will be presented at their respective meetings.

  2. elseed

    Put the schools within the loop…close to the gentrified Yuppie areas…Heights, EaDo, Midtown….then they’ll send their kids to HISD schools….or put them in infill sites in the loop close to downtown

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