Algebra I students in middle school no longer required to ‘double-test’

Middle school students who take Algebra I as a seventh- or eighth-grader will no longer face the prospect of “double testing.” Until recently, those students would be required to take both the Algebra I end-of-course (EOC) exam and their grade-level STAAR math assessment.

Now, the Algebra I end-of-course exam will satisfy the requirement for a math test for those middle school students.

Like most districts in the state, HISD has decided to eliminate double-testing for students taking advanced math and science in middle school, requiring only a STAAR end-of-course OR STAAR grade-level assessment – whichever is available for the subject that the student learned studied during the school year.

Middle school students taking geometry and biology will also take one test, either an EOC or grade-level STAAR assessment:

  • Students who take geometry in the eighth grade will take the Grade 8 STAAR math assessment. There is no STAAR geometry EOC.
  • Students who are take biology in the eighth grade will take the STAAR biology EOC instead of the Grade 8 STAAR science assessment.

Parents who have questions about this change should contact their child’s teacher.