North Forest HS wins $12.7K athletics grant

North Forest High School will enhance and upgrade its athletics department’s strength and conditioning equipment thanks to a $12,700 grant from Muscle Milk.

The school submitted a statement, photos, and videos to let the 2013 Muscle Milk Recovery Grant Program know about their needs. The school said it had flooring that was cracked and corroded, preventing core training and sitting exercises, and cracked asphalt that made running challenging. Many of the machines and weights were rusted, and the weight benches had torn leather and holes. The school said it was lacking mirrors and cardiovascular and aerobic machines.

The program received more than 600 submissions from across the country, and North Forest was one of 22 schools – and the only one in Texas – selected to receive a portion of the $250,000 it awarded this year. School officials said they believe the determination and willingness of student athletes to work to better facilities on the campus put them over the top.

“Any time educators/coaches can reinforce the value of hard work that reignites a positive self image, character and pride and the kids can see results, it’s a win-win situation for everyone and all our programs,” North Forest HS Athletic Coordinator Leslie A. Harris said. “It also creates a school atmosphere that is striving for excellence.”

Harris said strength and conditioning equipment is the cornerstone of all the school’s sports programs because it helps minimize injuries, maximizes sports performance, enhances aerobic activity, increases strength and promotes growth in the programs.

5 thoughts on “North Forest HS wins $12.7K athletics grant

  1. Michelle Guerra

    I’m so lucky to work with a wonderful caring Coach!.. You are the best Coah Harris.
    North Forest very lucky to have you there.

  2. JHM

    The staff and kids are truly blessed to have and individual such as you to be their voice.

  3. Melody Jenkins

    Coach Harris is the BEST!!!! She always puts others before herself. Way to go coach!

  4. Angelia Valencia

    This is AWESOME!! That area is in such a great need for devoted HISD Team members.!!!

  5. Tanya Preston

    It’s good to have a person that actually cares about the well being of the students more than themselves. Way to go Coach Harris!

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