Next year’s seniors can get help getting college-ready

Juniors who have been identified as needing a boost toward college readiness are being offered the chance to sign up for preparatory classes in mathematics and English language arts in their senior year.

The courses are being developed through a partnership between HISD and the Houston Community College System as part of recent state legislation, known as House Bill 5.

HISD juniors whose performance on STAAR end-of-course and or PSAT exams in one or both of the subject areas doesn’t meet standards for college readiness set under the Texas Success Initiative have been identified, and letters have been sent to their parents to let them know their child qualifies for the preparatory classes.

Students who pass final exams will be considered college-ready and will be able to move directly into college work in math and English language arts and not have to take developmental classes.

For more about the preparatory classes, contact your high school counselor.