Ortíz MS campus leader named regional Principal of the Year by TASSP

 (Houston Independent School District)

Noelia Longoria

Noelia Longoria, who is one of HISD’s Principals of the Year for 2014, is now one step closer to being recognized at the state level for her exemplary campus leadership, after recently being named the Region 4 Principal of the Year by the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals (TASSP).

Longoria, who has led Ortíz Middle School since 2009, is a veteran educator with more than 30 years’ of experience. She serves as the lead principal for two other campuses, and her school was one of those selected to showcase the district’s best practices during the Broad Prize selection committee’s site visit in 2012.

Longoria attributes her school’s success to the implementation of support systems to improve both her teachers’ and her students’ performance.

“Our battle cry has been ‘Ortiz is all about learning,’ and it is not only our mission statement, but also the reality for students every day,” said Longoria. “During the 2012–2013 school year, Ortiz had the third-highest value-added scores in HISD. It also has some of the highest science scores and great student achievement among English as a Second Language students. More than half of our children are now enrolled in Pre-Advanced Placement courses and we consistently lead middle schools in state and national assessments.”

“Ms. Longoria has proven to be an excellent leader with a strong commitment to the education of our students,” said Chief School Officer Michael Cardona.

As the regional winner, Longoria is now eligible to be considered for state-level honors. She was also named HISD’s Principal of the Year in 2012.

6 thoughts on “Ortíz MS campus leader named regional Principal of the Year by TASSP

  1. Sergio Lira

    Go Longoria!!!
    On to state, you are a well deserved applicant for state and national recognition. You will be recognized as an outstanding “turn around” leader. We knew this before “turn around” leadership became fashionable. The Latino community, the parents and students, surrounding Ortiz middle school and in HISD are proud of your accomplishment.
    Good Luck and Well Wishes, from your former colleague and friend, Sergio.

  2. Dorothy Harris

    Way to go Ms. Longoria!!! I know you to be a “get the job done” individual, a sound decision maker, and a concerned leader. Your Regional Principal of the year award and the soon to be state level recognition could not have come to a more deserving Educator such as yourself. Keep up the good work! Ms. Harris

  3. Sherri Huggins

    Way to go! Onward and upward–lookout state! Your “old” family is just as proud of you as your “new” family. You may be at Ortiz now but we still claim you at Chavez as well. You deserve all the accolades being lauded upon you. Congratulations.

  4. Steven Gourrier

    Congrats Ms. Longoria. On behalf of the South Early College High School faculty and staff we are proud of your most honored selection as the Region IV Principal of the year. We know that you will represent Houston ISD and the southside of Houston very well. Keep doing great things with your school community at Ortiz Middle School!

    1. Cassandra Watson- Combre

      Congratulations Ms Longoria!!! Your hard work, dedication and commitment has paid off for your community. You have left remarkable footprints in the sand forever. You have left a great legacy for your family and I know they are proud of you as I am along with your Ortiz family and your community.

  5. Jihad Sliman

    Congratulations Ms. Longoria! You are definitively a leader who leaves footprints where ever you go. I am happy for you and I wish you the best 🙂

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