Reading Institutes preparing teachers to make the most of Literacy By 3

This summer, thousands of HISD elementary teachers are boning up on the best ways to conduct Guided Reading lessons, manage their students’ independent reading efforts, and even set up their own classrooms to better facilitate learning, as a part of the district’s new Literacy By 3 initiative.

The office of Professional Support and Development is offering multiple sessions of a four-day Reading Institute to teachers in grades K-3 over the next three months so that they’ll be ready to hit the ground running when regular classes resume again in August.

“We really want everyone to understand that this is the first time in a long time the district has decided we’re all going to do the same thing, and we’re all doing Guided Reading,” said Elementary Schools Support Officer Jocelyn Mouton. “So we want to make sure that we keep the program true to its form, and…work on the fidelity of the implementation.”

“I’ve been using Guided Reading for about two years now, and my students love it,” said Rucker ES teacher Danielle Creamer. “Instead of discouraging our students, it allows us to build them up and…to see themselves succeeding at reading.”

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SPECIAL NOTE TO TEACHERS: Spaces are still available for all three Reading Institute sessions, but act quickly to reserve your most convenient dates and locations, because they’re filling up fast! Register on eTRAIN for any the following sessions:

• ABCs of Guided Reading, #TT2300
• What Are the Other Kids Doing? Independent Reading, #TT2301
• Read Alouds, #TT2302

Dates are available in June, July, and early August. Questions may be directed to Dianne Alvarez at 713-696-0600.