Class of 2014 scholarship/financial aid offers top $250M

Scholarship offers and financial aid awards for the Class of 2014 are still coming in, but this year’s graduating seniors have already shattered last year’s record by more than $69 million.

As of June 19, the Class of 2014 racked up $254,263,711 worth of scholarships and financial aid awards, up from the record of $185,191,860 the Class of 2013 set.

The school with the most offers so far is Lamar High School with $41,203,741. Westside High School graduating seniors have been offered a total of $38,225,032, and High School for Performing and Visual Arts seniors have been offered a total of $30,513,338.

This astonishing total serves as a good lesson to future graduates: apply for scholarships and fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. There’s a ton of “free” money out there that you can get to help pay for your higher education.

Students are getting more offers every day, so the total will continue to grow.